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Pure and Simple is a ministry designed simply to offer a witness to the life-transforming work of the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. The concept is more lifestyle Christianity than institutional Christianity -- the emphasis is not on activities and programs but on relationships and a life fashioned and shaped by Jesus Christ. This ministry proclaims that the first movement of faith is to a simple trust in Jesus and a simple lifestyle of seeking first God's kingdom. The second movement of faith (sometimes referred to as sanctification) is to purity of heart -- complete love of God and neighbor, living to the greater glory of God. It is in this pure and simple confidence that followers of Christ offer a compelling witness and advance God's movement throughout the world.

Pure and Simple is quite simply a witness. There are no members. (You may become a follower of this website.) This ministry, not unlike our Lord, will "carry no purse," own no property, seek no status, advance no political agenda, and pursue no motive other than to offer a witness in "Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

There is little if any distinction between laity and clergy in this ministry. There is no hierarchy; there are no titles; there is no paid staff. There is an unpaid director, who will lead "as one who serves," an unpaid board to offer oversight and guidance, and a variety of teachers who will contribute regularly. This ministry grows as brothers and sisters in Christ find meaning in this simple idea, find personal challenge in Christ's teachings and call, find their hearts refined by the power of the Holy Spirit, and find opportunity to live out their faith with purity of heart and simplicity of lifestyle.

The founding director of this ministry is Gorman Houston, who spent twenty-five years in full-time pastoral ministry and is now on the faculty at the University of Alabama.

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Pure and Simple is a ministry, independent of any church, denomination, or institution.

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